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# Logic and Verification Seminar
# Logic and Verification Seminar (Winter Semester 2019-2020)
The Logic and Verification seminar is a reading group gathering the members
of the Automatic Reasoning AG and students interested in formal methods
and more precisely in logic and verification.
## For students taking the seminar for credit
Your main role is to attend the weekly sessions, and contribute
to the discussions. Each session consists in a presentation of an article or
an ongoing research by a member of the group followed by
some questions and discussions.
As a student, you will read a scientific paper in logic and
verification, summarize it in a report, and present it. There will be several
possible topics (see below). To help you with these tasks, a researcher of our
group will be assigned to you to supervise you and provide advice both for your
presentation and your report.
## When and where
**tentative** schedule and location:
* Room: A seminar room near 34-419
* Date and time: Tuesday 13:30am
* Kickoff meeting: 05.11.2019
* Periodicity: every two weeks
* Registration: per mail at
## Available topics
- Semantics of imperative programming languages
- Algorithmic problems in the field of verification
- Operationalization of formal specification techniques
- SMT (Satisfiability Modulo Theories) solving and decision procedures
- Database theory
- Modal and Temporal Logic
Some papers will be distributed at the kickoff meeting.
## Instructors
- Prof. Anthony Lin
- Dr. Daniel Stan
## Planned sessions
The below schedule will be completed with information about the topics.
- 05.11.2019
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